Payments made easy.

VulaPay, the Payment aggregator and wallet built for the future of pay-as-you-go micropayments.

All Supported

VulaPay can be integrated into any platform.

Built to simplify the buying and selling process, VulaPay can be integrated into any platform via our easy-to-use API documentation. Our team of developers and customer support agents will guide you through the entire process.





Online Admin Portal

Cloud hosting ensures that your network is always operational and running smoothly. We ensure you receive updates on a rolling basis, no need to upgrade your system - we do it for you.

Branded Wallet/ App

  1. Top Up
  2. Send
  3. Sell
  4. Buy New Bundles*
  5. Manage Active Bundle*
  6. Find Hotspot Locations
  7. Submit Support Tickets

Payment Aggregation Screen

  1. Pay with VulaCoin
  2. BluVoucher
  3. 1Voucher
  4. Kazang Easy Pay Voucher
  5. Instant EFT
  6. Visa / Mastercard

Seamlessly integrated

Vula Ecosystem

  1. Pay-as-you-go OSS/BSS system
  2. Radius Server
  3. Billing Engine
  4. Internet Reports
  5. User Reports
  6. Productisation
  7. Micro Internet Bundles
  8. Captive Portal
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Our Process

This whole process can be ready to go within 24 hours of signup.


Sign up

We will send an MSA that needs to be signed. You will then receive login details to your own admin portal where you can configure your products.


Easily integrate with your platform via our API

Our Dev team will provide you with API documentation and help you integrate VulaPay.


Start accepting payments

Once the system is integrated you can start accepting payment. No need to sign up for any other merchant accounts. We take care of the rest.

Customers already using VulaPay

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