A voucher pegged against internet time. Users purchase VulaCoin to access the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. No contracts needed.
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1vc = 1 min of internet

VulaCoin solves a problem

Customers (in the lower LSM public prepaid internet space) find it expensive to commit to large monthly pre-paid transactions and post-paid is not an option for most.

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Key Features



Have one balance for multiple wallets.



1vc = 1min of internet.



Combine and divide balance(s).



Earn money by selling your VulaCoin.



Creating a true medium of exchange with a validated coin where the value is underpinned by internet: a much sought-after resource.

How it works

Agreed contract with Merchants to accept VulaCoin.
The Merchant’s users open a VulaCoin wallet and will send Fiat to buy VulaCoin.
VulaCoin mints new coins and it is sent to the user’s wallet.
Users transfer VulaCoin amongst each other with no transaction fees.
Users transfer VulaCoin to the Merchant’s wallet in exchange for a product.
Merchants cash out VulaCoin on an aggregate basis.
VulaCoin will pay Merchants the VulaCoin value less pre-agreed margin and then the VulaCoin is burnt.
VulaCoin earns a pre-determined margin (3 - 10%) above the average payment gateway costs (generally 5-7%) from ISPs. VulaCoin will pay the Merchant for the coins at a fixed exchange rate.

Unlocking Low-Income Markets Through Internet Connectivity

Understanding paygo and How VulaCoin Enables It

Exploring VulaCoin: Benefits for ISPs

Steve Briggs

Steve has 20+ years of experience in Telecoms, Banking & Digital Payments. He is the former Chief Operating Officer at iBurst, a national wireless internet service provider. Additionally, he has held the positions of managing executive at Vodacom SA, founder and CEO of ARC Telecoms, and senior executive at Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank.

Marna van Deventer

Marna is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 18 years of experience in various commercial enterprises. Her expertise and commercial intuition enable her to identify and manage financial and other success drivers while ensuring that the books balance.

Gilliam Noeth


Gilliam has extensive experience in system architecture and scaling software. With his leadership and dev-ops experience he will manage the team of developers to ensure a dynamic and robust VulaCoin infrastructure.

Johan Bosman


Johan is an entrepreneur and business and marketing executive. He has had extensive experience in both the formal corporate sector - leading Africa marketing at Shoprite - and with successful SMME start-ups and acquisitions – from ideation, funding and setting up, creating a brand, through to establishing robust structures, driving growth and shareholder value.

Steph Pretorius
Digital Product Lead

With over a decade of experience designing and delivering impactful communication, services and products, Steph is dedicated to creating customer value: understanding the customer’s needs and using outcome-based approaches to create effective solutions that customers love, yet work for the business to drive adoption and growth.

Cornelius Greyling


With over 7 years of experience in technology and entrepreneurship; Cornelius is well placed to lead the management team to success. Cornelius’ vision is to see further external investment in the ISP market on the continent as lower LSM transactions are more transparent and can reach that market directly.

Cobus Venter


Cobus, the risk management arm of VulaCoin. With an extensive career in economics and research, Cobus has invaluable knowledge in creating a trusted platform. Cobus is most passionate about the stability of the VulaCoin and creating a voucher with true value.

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1vc = 1min of internet